Pretoria kids are cool 2019

Toys, adorable outfits and top class educational institutions. All these things come to mind when thinking about the youngest members of the capital city.
  • Diapers, dummies and everything in between – everything you need to keep your pinkfoot happy
  • Educational or just for fun, there are toys for every need and age
  • Academics, sport and culture – who is the best?
  • Who do you trust with your teenager’s education?
  • Where exclusivity means you’re a cut above the rest
  • Because education starts at ground level
  • Who says trends are only for grownups?
  • Where burgers and chips paired with chicken nuggets are more than acceptable
  • Die voorkeur Afrikaanse laerskool
  • Waar kwaliteit onderwys in Afrikaans prioriteit is
  • Who do you trust with our future leaders’ education?
  • Who takes the worry out of your hands?