Glam it Up 2019

Nails, make up and hair… there is no arguing that the ladies of the capital are in a league of their own. Desmond & The Tutus didn’t write a song about Pretoria Girls for nothing. Who do you trust with your everyday beauty needs?

Step 1 of 2

  • Where do you go for the trendiest hairdo in town?
  • Beauty at your fingertips. Where do you go for your everyday beauty needs?
  • Every so often we all need some pampering. Who gives the best massages in the city?
  • Style it up! It’s easy as pie!
  • Pampering pedicures and manicures, French or faded. Who do you trust with your nails?
  • For the latest in men’s fashion, straight of the runway
  • Bags, bling and glittery rings. Can a girl ever have too many accessories?
  • Hair, make-up, nails all in one. Who helps you look your best?
  • Your scale’s best friend
  • Sigh! Stepping out in style never looked more glamorous
  • When last did you spoil yourself with a bit of bling?
  • Flats, pumps or heels – there is a shoe for everyone