Dining out 2019

The capital city is known for its exquisite list of world-class eateries and we definitely don’t complain. And with so many top class restaurants and eateries to choose from, Pretoria offers a real culinary experience to foodies dining out.
  • For those times you’ve missed breakfast
  • For the ultimate upmarket culinary experience
  • Escaping the hustle and bustle of the city to grab a bite
  • Grilled or fried, chips or rice?
  • Delicious Indian-style cooking to warm up the taste buds all year round
  • Eggs, bacon and toast. Breakfast just the way you like it!
  • Who says good food has to be expensive …?
  • Bellissimo! Where do you go for authentic Italian food?
  • Your favourite spot every day of the week
  • That new place you can’t stop raving about
  • Dinner for two – romantic and unforgettable
  • Hmmm … sizzling steak fresh of the grill
  • Where freshness and taste go hand in hand
  • Tapas or zucchini? Your choice is their speciality!
  • The perfect spot to clinch that next big deal