Best place to watch the big game- Elephant & Friends

If you are a resident of the capital city, we’re guessing that sport is pretty high on your priority list, even if just to watch. However, watching the big game at home all by yourself isn’t any fun. That’s why we love meeting up at Elephant & Friends Pub and Grill to grab a few cold ones and watch the game every chance we get. Come join in the fun the next time you’re in the area. We could make a toast on the pub’s win

Best neighbourhood pub – Elephant & Friends

When last did you have a night out on the town? No, we don’t mean clubbing, necessarily. Just hung out with some friends or family at your favourite local neighbourhood pub. Not sure where to go? Well, from what we hear Elephant & Friends Pub & Grill is the place to be. The number one neighbourhood pub in the city, to be precise. It’s the perfect spot for drinks after work or a delicious bite to eat with friends. Oh, and don’t forget to tell them we sent you.

Best place for a cold beer – Elephant & Friends

After a long day (or week) at the office, there is one thing that makes us instantly feel better: an ice-cold beer! You too? Well, then we have something to share. The next time you want to unwind with a cold one, make your way over to Elephant & Friends Pub and Grill. The atmosphere is great, the beer cold and the food fantastic. So call everyone and see you there. You’ll love it!

Best Local Band – Tshwane SAPS Band

Congratulations to the Tshwane SAPS Band on walking away with the crown for best local band. This band has played a huge part on the SAPS history over the years and has a proud heritage as one of the best military bands in South Africa. They perform anything from light classical music to the latest and greatest radio hits.

The band consists of professional musicians who can perform as part of a brass quintet, carnival group, parade band, full  
concert band, light music unit and jazz ensemble.